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SHS Solar Solutions | Sustainable Superstore

PhotoVoltaic and Thermo Dynamic Solutions for Hot Water, Heating, Electricity and Infrared.

SHS Group likes to make use of all that nature has to offer us Using our natural gifts without abusing them !!

With 320 days of Sunshine in Algarve we better use it !
The answer is right here: Solar and Wind Power to be harvested !!

FREE Energy for everybody...

SHS Solar Solutions offers Ongrid, Semi-Offgrid and Offgrid solutions for many years to cut your electricity bill.
Since 2009 SHS is an expert in Solar Offgrid Battery systems, so the state-of-the-Art TELSA Powerwall Lithion-Ion battery like solutions are a logical next step in this sustainable world.
SHS offers Lithium Battery Racks with 10 year warranty !
Infrared Heating panels were introduced by SHS in 2014, so far we are the only supplier in Algarve with Ceramic panels and a representation of the UK top brand Herschel for entire Portugal offering Glass, Metal, Ceiling and Mirror panels.

Since 2015 SHS FeedIN systems offer clients a very low cost energy saving with around 4 years payback only.
Take control over your Electricity Bill...

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932 650 496 (Mobile)| 289 356 294 (Showroom)
Always present on Thursday's or on appointment


SHS Sustainable Superstore was founded
in 2015 by SHS Solar Solutions.

The concept is simple: offer clients all
Sustainable Solutions under one roof.

With 320 days of Sunshine we better use it !

Energy Saving Concepts ...

SHS Sustainable Superstore offers :

- Solar Power solutions to produce your own
   electricity with Photo Voltaic PV solutions.

- Thermo Dynamic solutions to produce your
   own Hot Water with NO SUNSHINE Needed !

- Latest technology heatpump solutions for
   your Heating with NO SUNSHINE Needed !

- Infrared Heating solutions to save 50%
   on your Heating !

- Air Conditioning without Ugly Outside unit !

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932 650 496 (Mobile)| 289 356 294 (Showroom)
Always present on Thursday's or on appointment