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SHS Residential Small Feed In (UPAC) Concept

Be independent of the electricity grid !

SHS offers Private Households Small Feed In (UPAC) systems !!
SHS Solar Domestic UPAC Feed In Solutions Algarve
With UPAC systems you can produce up to 1500w/h !
And feed in during the day !
Private Houseolds can be Energy Independent

Solar Energy
Have your 900 per year Poolpump run FREE !

  • Domestic FeedIn Systems (UPAC)
  • Auto Consumption Systems
  • SHS Far Infrared Heating

  •     SHS Bizz Concept:
  • 70-90% coverage of your electricity bill
  • Return in 3 years only
  • Make a profit of 17.500 in 15 years on your edp bill !!
  • Total Green Image