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SHS is Founder and Partner of Sustainable Superstore

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About SHS Solar Solutions

About SHS Solar Solutions

Take control over your Electricity Bill...

SHS Group likes to make use of all that nature has to offer us in the right way !!
SHS Solar Solutions
Using our natural gifts without abusing them !!

With 320 days of Sunshine in Algarve we better use it !
The answer is right here: Solar and Wind Power to be harvested !!

FREE Energy for everybody...

  • SHS Residential Concept
  • SHS Business Concept
  • SHS Franchise Concept
  • SHS Leasing Concept

  •     SHS Solar Leasing:
  • Only 50% down payment
  • Rest payment in 24 instalments
  • Low entry start
  • Larger system in reach
  • Returns in 4-6 years only
  • Take control over your Electricity Bill...